Boursin reinvents the aperitif

Boursin Lily saveur betterave

A major innovation on the aperitif shelf

Team Creatif worked with BEL Group for many years, supporting the Boursin brand in its conquest of the aperitif aisle by launching a range of 10 new recipes of vegetable and fish spreads. An intense and unique taste to seduce French consumers at aperitif time.

Boursin Lily différentes recettes

Design at the service of the creative craftsman

The brand still innovates with ever more surprising, creative, and carefully selected ingredients for this new collection. To support this innovation, Team Creatif highlights Boursin’s recipes through the concept of the creative craftsman: Boursin signs its recipes with this handwritten font on a colorful brushmark while allowing the deliciousness of Boursin’s products to be expressed through the transparency of its packaging. The watercoloured ingredients come carefully underline the corolla, the identifying sign and guarantee of Boursin quality.

These ten recipes provide a wide range of colors, synonymous with an intense flavor, promoting the impact on the shelf, always at the service of pleasure.

Ingrédients Boursin Lily

Boursin, creator of pleasure

Aperitif time ! Dip with a breadstick, on a slice of farmhouse bread, or simply with your finger, Boursin offers a surprising & unique range with an authentic taste. Boursin’s creative spreads will never cease to surprise you.

Typographie Boursin Lily