Bonduelle group, looking to the future

For 170 years, the Bonduelle group has been working to feed people, with a strong conviction expressed in its slogan: “The nature, our future”.

Team Creatif’s aim was to develop the group’s new identity in line with the identity of the eponymous brand, and to support all the group’s brands.

A cross-functional concept

Like the commercial brand, the Bonduelle group’s identity is driven by the same concept: The Beginning of everything.

Based on the first letter of founder Louis Bonduelle’s surname, and illustrating the group’s plant-based roots, the new identity breaks away from the codes specific to the Bonduelle brand, and reflects the values shared by all the group’s brands.

Find out more about the new packaging identity here.

The green of hope and nature

The Bonduelle group’s new identity is defined by the choice of a meaningful colour. It represents hope, prosperity, nature and ecology. The statutory typography is the symbol of Bonduelle’s determination and leadership for a plant-based transition in our world.

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B!Pact, acting for the well-being of all

This renewal is also illustrated by the group’s commitments under a single banner, the B!Pact. These commitments come to life under their own identity, combining a childlike, positive graphic style with a tone of voice anchored in action.

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