Sylvia Vitale Rotta for the “Women Empowerment” webinar

Participation Sylvia Vitale Rotta webinar Women Empowerment

Sylvia Vitale Rotta, founder and CEO of Team Creatif Group, has participated to the international webinar organised by ESAM and the International Top Leaders and Researches Network, on the topic “Women Empowerment in business field during crisis”, together with 10 influential and inspiring women.

  • Nathalie Roos, Managing Director IPSOS.
  • Kinda Baydoun, recognized as a top leader in the creation and management of sales organizations.
  • Lorena Mancia, board member and advisor to various companies in Latin America.
  • Mashal Waqar, co-founder of My Lily and The Tempest.
  • Dr. Josephine Zgheib, president of Auberge Beity association, hostel and activites board member of Kfardebian municipality, (Lebanese youth hostel federation), Lebanon eco movement.
  • Heike Harmgart, Managing Director, Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Region at EBRD.
  • Maysam Ayoub, Assistant Professor of Accounting, researcher and PhD student.
  • Elizabeth E., founder of Mary Lee Kitchen and Ampersand Dinner, coach for IFundWomen.
  • Dr. Manal Jarrar, General Manager of the National Insurance Company (Jordan)

Moderator : Nadia El NemrZouhour EL-ABIADBettina BastianZeina Mohanna, PhD.

To (re)watch the webinar “Women Empowerment in business field during crisis”, click here.
Sylvia Vitale Rotta’s speech starts at 23:36 and ends at 35:27.