Luxe Pack Monaco 2017

Last week, our Structural Design department travelled to Monaco for the Luxe Pack show. We came out of the event with three major trends:

  • Digital : a direct link between brands and their consumers, making it possible to erase the gap between e-commerce ( (My Pack connect), or even to promote the brand on shelves, thanks to luminous devices installed on bottles and packaging by Saralon.
  • Unique pieces: an execution that contrasts with the codes of mass consumption by using digital technology to randomly generate collections of “unique” pieces, such as done by Nutella.
  • Sensoriality: a meticulous work on the effects of matter and embossing for a singular touch or with the creation of a real sensory material library at Mat&Sens.

In addition to our observations, other trends were presented at the Trends Observer conference. Our selection:

  • Brandception: the brand’s power. It expresses its full power, claims its roots and codes.
  • Narrative: draw me a story. Boxes dramatize the products, bottles are embellished with symbols, brands become vectors of emotion.
  • Makers: know-how or magic of knowledge? We move on to the age of craftsman 2.0, the match between the creator of pure forms and new technologies.
  • Transparency: sacred without secrecy. Packaging aims to meet consumers’ need for information, traceability and the second life cycle of products.
  • Happy Mood: celebrating the insouciance. Products are taking advantage of fantasies with greedy colours, generous shapes and sparkling names.
  • Sensitive: material to be touched and meditated. Virtual reconnects with the tactile experience that demonstrates all the know-how of luxury brands.

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