Design, Branding, French Touch, back to Maison&Objet 2019

Team Créatif was present at Maison & Objet. The show decodes emerging trends in the world of design, decoration and lifestyle.

It was an opportunity for us to evoke the notion of French Touch in our core business: Branding, Packaging and Retail. We offer here a retrospective of our experience on the show.

Team Créatif and the French Touch in Branding

To represent Team Créatif, Sylvia Vitale Rotta, CEO & Founder of Team Créatif Group, Laurence Bethines, Trend & Innovation Director, Olivier Dognon Chief Creative Director.

French Trend

First of all, what is the French Touch? The chic, steeped in tradition and “a je-ne-sais-quoi” that cannot be translated and shouldn’t be translated” to use the words of Laurence Bethines

The French Touch has a qualitative and authentic dimension. Qualitative by know-how recognized worldwide (luxury, gastronomy). Authentic through our terroirs and traditions.

French Touch is a business tool. Indeed, it is an opportunity to create added value, differentiate and gain visibility. In addition, it has been realized that 75% of French people are willing to pay more for French products, compared to 39% in 1990*. Design French touch is a lever of growth to help brands in France and abroad to differentiate, we have a lot of assets.

French Creativity

The French Touch has several variations. We find returning models regularly.

First of all, the traditional French Touch. She uses the imagination of French history, craftsmanship and savoir-vivre. Foreigners love it.

Contemporary French Touch bridges tradition and modernity while keeping its French values.

The French Touch Flag highlights the French origin of the products. The flag is put forward on packaging and traceability is at the heart of the process. This is the French Touch for the French. It represents food and ecological security values.

*source LSA – 11.2018

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Market Value and the French Touch on the retail store with the example of Slip Français

Violette Watine, Managing Director of Le Slip Français and Philippe de Mareilhac, General Manager of Market Value (the retail agency that produced the retail concept of Le Slip Français) were here to analyze the success story of the brand.

Arriving at Market Value, the problem of the French Slip was: How to transpose the French Touch, essential element of the brand, in stores?

To do so, the duo dissects the French Touch in 3 axes: the Branding experience, the relational experience and the buying experience.

The branding experience

The challenge here is to embody a brand by its symbolism, its colors, its tone of voice or its values. The French Brief has a very strong personality that was absolutely necessary to find in store. Like the products, the color code of the shops plays with blue, white and red. The tone is illustrated by the names of the stores: The Slip of my Aix, My Slip my Bastille, etc.

The buying experience

The challenge was to recreate the same buying experience as on the web. Stores don’t have the full stock of products. The focus was on the synergy between the two points of purchase in order to have a fluid purchasing experience.

The relational experience

To find its salesmen and extend the French Slip experience, the brand has recruited atypical profiles. Architect, photographer, the goal is to create a personalized and privileged contact with customers by breaking the pre-established codes of the sales community. No preformatted method exists to sell the Slip. The motto is adaptation.

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