Creativity & Artificial Intelligence

For some time now, artificial intelligence has been growing exponentially. This evolution clearly affects the creation process and our core business. So, is it the end of the creative profession or a great opportunity to open new possibilities?

Will robots take over the work of creatives? The answer is no, of course. The AI will rather make it easier for them.

Thus, we will be able to concentrate more on the creative brief by letting the machine takes care of the production. This leaves more time to refine the artistic direction of a project and thus to offer even more creative campaigns.

Incresed creativity

The possibilities provided by AI are endless and will allow us to explore unknown creative routes. AI has no pre-construction, so it can consider all approaches.

New professions

One thing is certain: with the arrival of AI, the creative professions will evolve.

In order to manage the production, it will be necessary to configure the machine. Give it the parameters especially in terms of data, so that it can provide relevant results.

Behind an AI there will always be a creator. The machine can reproduce our technical methods but will never replace the creative spirit of men and women.

IA & Packaging
Smart packaging is a packaging equipped with a component, external or internal, capable of providing information about the product it contains. The promise of artificial intelligence is great for fast moving consumer goods packaging and their environment: improved security, access to multiple product information (producer, traceability, specific features), extended guarantees, new services such as, in particular, automatic renewal as soon as a foodstuff is out of stock.

In this way, we have imagined for a famous food brand a smart-packaging for their salads which indicates among other information: the date, the hour, the place of harvest of plants used in its composition. This helps bring to the consumer the right information at the right time.

The AI revolution is launched, and the goal we have set for ourselves is to support our clients to achieve the transformation induced by the IA across the entire packaging business chain. AI must be useful for consumers to care for them on a daily basis.